Understand the advantages of the hybrid work model in your business!

Hybrid work is becoming a reality in many companies around the world. Several organizations have realized that it is possible to ensure the quality of work, even if their employees are not 100% present in the office.

In addition, employees were also able to notice the positive impacts on their personal and professional lives. Thus, it is worth understanding more about hybrid work model in your business — and knowing if your company is ready for this new reality.

So, see below how hybrid work model in your business and what are its advantages, both for the company and for the employees. At the end of this article, also find out how to implement this process.

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What is and how does the hybrid work model work in your business?

Hybrid work is the combination of two work models: remote (or home office ) and face-to-face. The first can be carried out at any location outside the company’s premises. For example, at home, in a cafe, coworking (collaborative environment), hotel room, etc.

The face-to-face model is the one carried out exclusively at the company’s headquarters. Therefore, in hybrid work, employees are free to divide their time between working in person and, at other times, working remotely.

One possible strategy is to define work schedules. The objective is to allow the hybrid professional to work some days of the week at the company and the others remotely. However, there is no general rule. The company must define criteria according to the implemented practice.

For the model to work and to be able to communicate with superiors and other colleagues and carry out their tasks, it is essential to use technological solutions that facilitate the management of people at a distance.

What are the advantages of the hybrid work model in your business?

Now that you understand what hybrid work is and how it works, see what the advantages are for your business:

reduced costs

One of the most notorious advantages of hybrid work is the cost reduction in companies. This is possible because there may be days when no one will be in the office — or when few people will be. Thus, the expenses with electric energy, transport vouchers, and others will be lower.

Lower turnover

Another advantage is the decrease in employee turnover. If hybrid work brings more quality of life to employees, they can feel more fulfilled in the company. As a result, they tend to stay at work — and people leave less.

Higher productivity

Increased productivity is also one of the benefits of hybrid work. In addition to the comfort of working at home, the constant change of environment can stimulate creativity and general willingness to develop tasks.

Delay reduction

Several factors can cause an employee to be late for work. And that can get in the way of important events like meetings and project delivery. With hybrid work, this problem lessens. After all, when at home, the employee does not need to travel to the office.

What are the employees benefits of the hybrid work model in your business?

Hybrid work can also bring a number of benefits to your employees and increase their connection with the company. Check out!

More autonomy

One of the benefits that hybrid work can provide is autonomy for the team. This happens because the professional has more freedom to decide where to work — and feels more independent. So he can focus on delivering better results.

Gain in quality of life

One more benefit of hybrid work for workers is the gain in quality of life. After all, the employee can have more time available by not having to travel. That way, he can work better and have more time for himself, family and friends.

stress reduction

Another significant advantage of this work model is the reduction of stress, as the worker does not have to face daily traffic, for example. In addition, when working from home or in spaces you like, the level of well-being can be higher on a daily basis.

How to implement the hybrid work model in your business?

After understanding the advantages of the hybrid work model for your business and your employees, see how to implement it in your company!

Determine activities that can be performed face-to-face and remotely

There are certain tasks that can be performed from anywhere without negatively interfering with the results. While others are better performed together and in person. Therefore, it is important to identify which are the most appropriate for each situation.

Allow your employees to participate in the decision-making process

People tend to be resistant to change, as it brings uncertainty and insecurity. To facilitate cooperation, it is important to allow the team to participate in the process of implementing the hybrid work.

Invest in technology solutions

To ensure the success of this work model, it is essential that the company provides good technological solutions for remote work. It needs to offer, for example, integrated management systems and communication applications.

As you have seen, the hybrid work model allows the employee to have more flexibility in choosing the work environment. When planned strategically, it can bring numerous benefits to your business and employees. So it’s worth knowing more about the modality and evaluating if it makes sense in your company.

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