Become A Social Media Influencer And Get Paid.

Rapidly increasing student loans and students have limited opportunities to spend as a consumer due to financial problems, students can compensate for this by becoming Social Media Influencer and earning a handsome amount of money. But first,

what is a social media influencer?

Since the start of MySpace, the first social media website with millions of active users, along with the rise of information technology in the 2000s, social media has taken the world like a storm. It has transformed our way of social interaction, with news traveling faster than ever and trends instantly picking up among users.

Social media is one of the go-to places among students once they turn on and browse over their smartphones. Here, they react to posts, follow celebrities, chat with their friends, and even make political remarks.

Most of the students are also popular to the extent that they use their platform to make an impact or influence the perspective of their followers. Some of them just got famous because what they post, tweet or publish is positively or negatively received by the public. This shows how a student can easily make it to the trends of the social media community and use this advantage to earn while studying.

To become a social media influencer, we have highlighted the following steps in finding your way to the influencer market.

Pick a platform.

There are many social media platforms out there and it is a basic procedure to choose which platform you will first work on.

Today, the largest social media platform is Facebook. It has recorded over 2.26 billion monthly active users in 2018. This was followed by YouTube with roughly 1.90 billion monthly active users, and then Instagram with 1.00 billion monthly active users. Among these users are students who utilize social media to access information for school and communicate with their families and friends.

With this data, which platform will help you reach out to more users? In addition, which platform do you have more followers and these followers actively respond to you? If you are still uncertain, don’t worry you can proceed to the next step which is crucial in becoming an influencer.

Choose your niche.

This step is relevant to begin. There is high competition among different niches in the influencer market.

One such niche is gaming. A popular YouTuber who started in the gaming niche is PewDiePie, with 105 million subscribers currently. His known net worth is $25 million. Another niche is beauty that encompasses different areas like makeup, skincare, and apparel. There are many known beauty influencers like James Charles with a net worth of $12 million, Nikkie de Jager with $6 million, and Jeffree Star with $75 million.

Lifestyle is also a niche that involves how a person lives their day, as a student, traveller, dancer, baker, vegan or others. TikTok has recently gained attention by showing videos that appeal to viewers. Charli D’Amelio became famous for her dancing videos using this app, resulting in a net worth of $4 million.

If you have a favorite niche where you are experienced and knowledgeable about, then you can start there. If not, then choose something that interests you and that you are willing to study and learn for a long time.

Create content.

How do you make something trending? It all boils down to your content.

From your platform, strategize the right time to post where it is mostly populated or to publish a video that can reach millions of views. You can go over Google Trends to see if the content you are planning to make is highly searched among users.

Then in your niche, look for content where you are comfortable in starting. Do you want to start with sharing your first day at the university? Or what budget-friendly meals do you make in the dormitory?

Give regular updates.

Consistently posting on the platform helps engage followers or viewers. Given that it is easy for trends to be buried by newer trends, it is important to give regular updates which can also get brands to partner with you.

Build a community.

While you are still starting and you already have an audience, make sure that you interact with them by replying to their comments or giving them shoutouts in your videos. This can improve your relationship with the community, and even reach other known influencers.

Although we have listed the steps above, there is no single way to instantly become a social media influencer. It requires consistency and patience to become one. In today’s age of information technology, brands are now switching to digital marketing to advertise their products. One way is to tap social media influencers, where you can earn money. If that is something you want to do, then this is a call for you to become one now.

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