Tech Scholarships for Africans

Application Deadline: 9th November 2022


The ALX Udacity Scholarship program is designed to help African students and youth to upskill and be empowered for the digital economy. So, if you are looking to build a career in tech or even start one, this might be the best opportunity to catch the growing “tech bros” and “women in code” camp.

The digital revolution is an important part of the global economy, and tech workers are getting rewarded for fueling the future. Tech workers are said to be among the top five most-paid professionals globally. The acute shortage of talent globally, especially in Africa, has made working in tech very lucrative. The ALX Udacity program is one of the best career opportunities for young Africans like you to get started in tech, even without any prior knowledge or experience.

Tech Career Paths Offered By The Program

Cloud DevOps Engineer

IT experts who design, build, and maintain cloud-based business solutions are cloud engineers. They create and put cloud-based applications into use, move existing on-premises systems to the cloud, and troubleshoot cloud stacks.

Cloud Developer

In essence, cloud developers are software engineers with a focus on cloud computing. To deploy cloud systems securely, effectively, and with little to no downtime, developers must thoroughly understand cloud systems and programming skills.

Data Analyst

A data analyst examines data to find significant customer insights and potential uses for the information. They also advise the company’s management and other stakeholders of this information.

Full Stack Web Development

A web developer or engineer who works on both the frontend and backends of a website or application is known as a full-stack developer. In this way, they offer a full range of services and can work on database and user-facing website-building projects.


Benefits of the ALX Udacity Program

Expert Instructors

ALX and Udacity bring you the best instructors from all over the world.

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is one of the best ways to get started with tech. Hands-on practical learning not only gives you the necessary challenge but also opens you up to real-world problems you will solve once you have completed the program.


Industry Collaborations

ALX collaborating with Udacity to bring this program to you is a huge collaboration. With their network, they have created the best world-class experience you can have to collaborate with industry leaders.

Personalized Feedback

The ALX program is designed based on peer-to-peer learning and instructor assistance. Therefore, you will get all the help you need both from your colleagues and experts.


ALX is on a mission to change the course of Africa’s future by assisting young Africans in finding 2 million employment by 2030 as part of the African Leadership Group. ALX gives today’s people the skills they need to become tomorrow’s leaders by concentrating on the in-demand fields of technology, finance, sales and administration, and entrepreneurship.


  • Open to all young people in Africa between 18 to 35 years old;
  • Fresh Graduates, people pivoting careers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Junior to Mid-level workers looking to change their lives at zero cost.

How to Get Started Now!

Step 1 – Checkout the Scholarships Available

The ALX Udacity program has the following options.

  1. Foundational – Beginner Level Programme
  2. Nanodegree – Advanced Level Programme


Step 2 – Select a Specialization

Choose your nana degree program of choice. Options include;

  1. Cloud DevOps Engineer
  2. Cloud Developer
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Full Stack Web Development

Step 3 – Visit Your Program

Research more about your chosen specialization, get acquainted with the expected outcome and prerequisites and pay attention to the commitment. These programs are detailed and meant to help you launch a full career; hence are equal to a full education as you would in a formal school.

Step 4 – Apply!

After performing all the due diligence and everything looks good, and you are still interested, now is the time to click the apply button and get started. Good luck!


Application Deadline: 9th November 2022

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This is for you if you are interested in the worldwide digital disruptions that are occurring and want to develop specific skills that will enable you to enter a high-paying, globally relevant IT career.

After completing your program, you will be qualified to join The Room, a dynamic international network of the best talent. You can network with potential employers in The Room, continue your professional and personal growth, raise cash for your business, go to motivational events, meet mentors, and advance your career for the rest of your professional life.

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