From Where You Can Find Free Online Courses For Students?

Feeling unproductive, useless, and exhausted lately? Stressed that you may be missing out on some important skills while studying as a student? Worry not, there are free online courses that you can enroll and learn online.

Around 3,800 courses are being offered by Coursera with full access to resources from prestigious universities and companies around the world. However, this is only for a limited-time offer. Enroll in 90% of their courses for free by July 31, 2020, and complete them by September 30, 2020.

why do you have to enroll in Courses?

Top universities such as Stanford, Penn, Yale, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Duke, Caltech, and more are partnering up with Coursera to bring the best experience in teaching students beyond their usual classroom setting. These are taught by well-known and excellent professors in their respective fields.

Not only that, companies like IBM and Google are also part of those who offer these free courses, which means you will have a background of the inner workings of a company. Courses from these universities and companies will teach you practical skills with applicability to real jobs after you graduate.

If you are currently looking for options to build skills in subjects like data science, language learning, public health, computer science, machine learning, and others, then Coursera is for you. You may come from a course that is not related to the few mentioned and want to learn them to expand your knowledge. Coursera provides you with the latest job-ready skills and techniques you have always wanted. Their courses are offered in different languages, so you have the flexibility of learning at your own tongue and pace.

Along with the new knowledge and skills you will get, you will also be given hands-on projects and assignments that will help you build your portfolio. This can be used when applying for a job and have the advantage of being hired.

Lectures, videos, readings, and other resources are also available to further expand your understanding of a course. You can fully access them at your own time, so be sure to enroll early before this offer ends.

Once you finish your Free Online Courses, you have the option to pay for certification.

Certificates on Coursera help you prepare for your potential career and establish your resume for work experience. You can also add your electronic Certificate to your LinkedIn profile to start your engagement with professionals and have access to new insights and opportunities for your prospective career.

So, what are you waiting for? Time is ticking before this limited-time offer expires on July 31, 2020. Expand your knowledge and enroll now!

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