How to start a Business from your Dorm selling products that you DO NOT OWN?

When it comes to making money online, it can’t get better than Shopify Dropshipping. 

AliDropship (which we will discuss in a future article) is a great site that can help students to start their online business with ease.  You can create your own store or AliDropship can create its own for you. They have great expertise with dropshipping.

 If you have been living under a rock and haven’t yet heard about Shopify, let me run you through it.

The standard dropshipping model is to buy products cheaply from suppliers in China, and then brand and advertise them to high-paying buyers in the United States. Since huge Chinese retail sites like Alibaba and AliExpress, only deliver bulk products to businesses, customers in the United States look for products on niche websites selling them in the United States. 

Shopify helps you fill that gap; Shopify is a website where you can sign up and create your storefront and brand, to sell products to customers worldwide. Selling your product might sound extremely difficult at first, but in reality, it’s just you virtually transporting goods via Ali Express to the eyes of customers on the internet. All you need to do is create an effective store on Shopify and invest time in thoughtful social media marketing.

There are two extremely essential components when it comes to dropping shipping: Product selection and Advertising.

Product Selection

To find the perfect product, you will need to spend some time researching trends and niches. Since there are always crazy internet trends going on all the time, you never have a shortage of ideas. An extremely profitable business a year ago could have been the selling of custom Raid Area 51 T-Shirts, following the huge internet trend. Capitalizing on niche trends like this can help you rack up thousands of dollars of sales in just a few weeks. 

If you are looking to sell clothing merchandise, you can use sites like Teespring to design custom merchandise. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube explaining tee spring. You could be a total beginner, and still master merchandise design on tee spring, in just a few days.

When it comes to products.

The numerous posts you see on Instagram of products such as portable projectors and mini speakers are all dropshipping products. Trendy products like the portable Bluetooth projector, have a large chance to go viral. Because they are getting large google and Instagram search volume and are trending on Instagram posts, you can be sure that the potential to sell a product like this is extremely high. 

If you act at the right time for products like this, you can start making hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales every month. You can track Instagram posts and go through the explore page to find advertised products that seem like they have the potential to go viral and sell well.

To confirm if the product is doing well, you can search the product on google and check if it has a high search volume: if the trend is going up, you can safely assume that the product is gaining more and more attention. You can then also check the product on Amazon, if it is selling well on Amazon it will sell well on your dropshipping store.

After you have selected your product, you can head over to Alibaba or AliExpress to see the numerous suppliers who will be offering the product. Here you can negotiate prices and finalize deals for shipping the products. There are more detailed videos on YouTube on how to find the perfect supplier on Alibaba for your product.


The most important part when it comes to succeeding on Shopify is an advertisement. Through advertisement, you have the potential to turn a cool-looking product into something that earns you thousands of dollars each month. 

A great micro-advertising strategy to use is getting shout-outs from high following Instagram pages in the niche your products are in. Doing this usually increases the daily sales on your dropshipping site drastically. Biaheza, a teenage YouTuber is using this strategy and earning more than ten thousand dollars every month through his stores.

Of course, since this is, after all, a business, you will need time to research and learn before you can start earning. My goal in this article was not to teach you the ins and outs of drop shipping but to introduce you to the concept and make you realize that a lot of products that you see on Instagram or Facebook are actually dropshipping companies that are private labeling products from AliExpress. If thousands of other people are dropshipping and making thousands of dollars.

why shouldn’t you?

All being said, the potential to make money through dropshipping is extremely high. It is an amazing way for emerging college students and young entrepreneurs to start their first business. The risk of loss is significantly less compared to some other businesses and there are a lot of safety precautions you can follow to ensure that you start making a profit from the get-go. Using resources like JungleScout (an online sales tracker), can help you find the best AND safest product for your investment. 

I suggest checking out Biaheza and Kevin David on Youtube to learn in-depth knowledge on how to start your first dropshipping store. I suggest watching videos made by real-life dropshipping entrepreneurs on YouTube only because they have gone through the process you are just beginning and can help you maximize your profit.

It’s 2020, it should be a crime if you don’t make any money online!