Fidgeting is the generation of small movements due to nervousness or anxiety. It is one of the most prevalent symptoms of anxiety or ADHD. It is very common in both children and adults. For college students, fidgeting can take their attention away from the task at hand, forcing them to spend more time on work and messing with their schedule. A good stress or fidget toys grounds the students, brings them out of their heads, and helps them focus on the present moment.

In this competitive world, college students end up developing unhealthy coping mechanisms such as fidgeting to combat the stress of daily life. Keeping up with their social life strains the students’ life. But fidgeting, anxiety, and ADHD are the thieves of concentration, productivity, and progress. Fidgeting, if left unchecked, can progress to nail-biting, leg shaking, and skin-picking.

Following are 5 of the best fidget or stress toys on Amazon for college students to help with their anxiety


This small infinity cube fits in one hand and fidgets constantly. It is available in various colors and is also affordable at the price of $10. It helps in reducing nail-biting, knuckle-cracking, and other fidgeting habits. Made of plastic and stainless steel which offer durability. It is easy to carry to college or work and focuses a person to aid in brainstorming during lectures or work.


If your work requires the need of your hands like highlighting while reading or typing assignments, these footbands are the best option for you. Attached to the leg of your desk or chair, these flexible bands allow the fidgeting students to push, pull or stretch them while working to relieve their stress and to ground them. These bands are easily portable if you want to work in a library or a cafe. They also provide multiple purposes and can be used for workout routines, physiotherapy, etc.


This set of 3 stress balls comes in 3 densities-soft, medium and hard. It’s the classic stress reliever tool to bring mindfulness, improve focus and reduce physical discomfort. It is easily portable and can be carried around in your pockets or bags. The quality of the balls provides durability, flexibility, and longevity. While stress relieving is its prime purpose, it can also be used to increase hand grip and strengthen the muscles of hands and fingers.


Stress rings are one of the most discreet ways to reduce fidgeting and anxiety. It can be worn on fingers like a piece of regular jewelry and spun when needed. Available in different sizes for both men and women, this ring can always be worn and can be used even in sudden bouts of stress and panic to ground one’s self.


This classic fidget spinner is not only economical but it also serves the same purpose as some of the priciest stress toys. Made of plastic. It can be used for a long time to increase focus by spinning it rapidly. It is easily portable and can use with one hand during lectures or while working.

While these toys may help in reducing stress, they are by no means a substitute for anti-anxiety medicines that our doctor has prescribed. Remember to consult with your doctor or another professional immediately. If you constantly experience prolonged periods of stress or panic attacks.