In this increasingly competitive world, every company prioritizes field experience before hiring employees. If you want to land a good position in your desired career, you must start working towards your future during your academic life, rather than waiting for graduation. College provides excellent resources for you to build up your resume and work on your skills. Here are 3 tips to get ahead in your career while still in school.


College internships not only provide you with valuable hands-on experience but also considerably enhance your practical skills. Interning in your preferred field of work helps you advance beyond your peers. It provides you with credibility. Putting in effort and hard work during your internship can even lead to a permanent position at the same company. One of the best ways to get a good internship is by networking. Build up connections with your professors and teacher’s assistants so that they think of you when an opportunity arises. Attend workshops and career fairs related to your field.  Many companies use these fairs to recruit new candidates. Do good research on all the companies which provide work related to your degree or passion. These internships or part-time jobs also provide you with a great way to earn some money to manage your expenses. It also builds up your skills in finance management.

Various companies also offer work placements. These are unpaid positions but can provide you with inside knowledge and industry experience that benefits you tremendously in your career.


Volunteer work builds up your connection within the field and increases your level of expertise in your field. Volunteering or shadowing people at work helps you identify problems from an outsider’s perspective and allows you to think of innovative ways to solve those problems. The people you meet during this might become contacts that you need for future recommendations. Impressing your team or boss during this work makes you memorable and may just increase your chances of getting called back for a more secure position once you graduate.


With the evolving world, industry work is also constantly changing. To stay ahead of your peers and thousands of other applicants looking for the same job you must remain updated with new technology and trends. This helps you stand out from your peers. You can stay updated by using your college libraries, keeping in contact with your professors who are in the field, networking, and researching online. Reading professional journals and articles also provides you with valuable insight into your work.

Building a career from scratch takes hard work and consistent effort. You must stay focused and work diligently to achieve your goals, all the while maintaining good grades. While in college, take maximum benefit from your school’s career services. Ask your professors questions about fieldwork. Attend workshops and seminars. To succeed and land a desired job, you must stay motivated and actively seek or create opportunities to get ahead.